Book Review Jun 28
 Generation Debt: Why Now is the Worst Time to be Young
Jennifer O'Connor | A recent <I>Maclean'</I>s reported that the average student in hawk owes more than $20,000. Meet the latest members of Generation Debt, the new catchphrase for those under 35 who can't get out of t
Book Review Jun 27
Matt Adams | Scholar J. Hillis Miller talks to radio book lounge about the irresistible temptation to read literature with a eye to shedding light on current political situations and about what Toni Morrison's <I
Book Review Jun 26
 Wal-Mart: The Face of Twenty-First-Century Capitalism
Tom Wall | There is no shortage of statistics testifying to the sheer size and power of Wal-Mart. Its revenues exceed the combined GNP of 36 sovereign nations. It imports more goods from China than Britain or R
Book Review Jun 15
 Sex Change, Social Change: Reflections on Identity, Institutions, and Imperialism
Krista Scott-Dixon | In Viviane Namaste&#226;e(TM)s <I>Sex Change, Social Change</I>, she argues that existing scholarship on transsexual and transgender issues fails to address the quotidian reality of tasks such as loc
Book Review Jun 14
 Signs of the Times
Kim Elliott | Tonglen meditation instructs its practitioners to breathe in suffering and to breathe out compassion. One is invoked to touch upon one&#226;e(TM)s own suffering by
Book Review Jun 13
 Defending Our Dreams: Global Feminist Voices for a New Generation
Jenn Watt | The editors of <I>Defending Our Dreams: Global Feminist Voices for a New Generation </I> have captured an impressive breadth of experience and perspective from young women around the world. The book
Book Review Jun 1
 Miss Lamp
Carlyn Zwarenstein | Both Chris Ewart&#226;e(TM)s whimsical <I>Miss Lamp</I> and Howard Akler&#226;e(TM)s noirish <I>The City Man</I> make for great summer reading as they revel in an almost lewd love of juicy images and
Book Review May 31
chris cavanagh | In his characteristically confrontational tone, Harvey Pekar, comic book author of <i>American Splendour,</i> recently critiqued the term &#226;eoegraphic novel&#226;e pointing out correctly that &#
Book Review May 30
 Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
Gillian Burnett | <I>Freakonomics,</I> a collaboration between rock-star economist Steven D. Levitt and <I>New York Times</I> writer Stephen J. Dubner, is full of brilliant deduction and a disarming curiosity about wh
Book Review May 18
 Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog From Iraq
Rahat Kurd | <img src="/images/special/iraq2006/logo.gif" width="100" height="25"> The protagonists of both the novel <I>Naphtalene</I> and the war diary <I>Baghdad Burning</I> speak in young, assertive female vo
Book Review May 17
 Against the New Authoritarianism: Politics after Abu Ghraib
Corvin Russell | <img src="/images/special/iraq2006/logo.gif" width="100" height="25"> In <I>Against the New Authoritarianism,</I> Henry Giroux makes a convincing case that the Bush administration and neoconservative
Book Review May 16
 Unembedded: Four Independent Photojournalists on the War in Iraq
Stephen Gregory | <img src="/images/special/iraq2006/logo.gif" width="100" height="25"> Amidst the violence documented by the independent photojournalists in <I>Unembedded,</I> it is the view into the lives that perse
Book Review May 4
 No Margins: writing canadian fiction in lesbian
Beth Follett | The editors of <I>No Margins</I> tell us that the impetus for this collection of lesbian fiction was a conversation with an unnamed bookstore owner who believes that Canadian fiction is currently b
Book Review May 3
 Mean Boy
Mariko Tamaki | Lynn Coady paints her young poet protagonist, Lawrence Campbell, from the inside out with fantastic and loving detail, from his ugly sweaters right down to his philosophy on tea and the perfect works
Book Review May 2
 Planet of Slums
David Renton | The rapid urbanizing of the world means bigger, dirtier and poorer cities. In 1978 there were fewer than half a million cars in Cairo; today there are more than seven million. Kinshasa has no water-b