Book Review Mar 7
 With a Rough Tongue: Femmes Write Porn
Jennifer O'Connor | There are no euphemisms in the new anthology <i>With a Rough Tongue: Femmes Write Porn</I>. The sex scenes are full out and raunchy (sometimes bordering on too much information.) Also, no matter who
Book Review Feb 23
Margaret Christakos | Jordan Scott has had the life work of a stutter, and his stuttering has led him to poetry, to making the work of how words are hauled out as migratory and transatlantic as an immigration tale. In <i>
Book Review Feb 20
 Embracing the Infidel: Stories of Muslim Migrants on the Journey West
Matt Carr | If "bogus" asylum seekers and "economic migrants" tend to be portrayed as a parasitical breed of humanity, migrants from Muslim countries are deemed an even greater threat, as potential carriers of t
Book Review Feb 18
chris cavanagh | All books are interventions in the world &#226;e" some seek to sustain things as they are and some push for urgent and necessary change. Reviewed here are five books the status quo should fear: inclu
Book Review Feb 6
 The Boys, or, Waiting for the Electrician's Daughter
Maggie Helwig | John Terpstra's <i>The Boys, or, Waiting for the Electrician's Daughter</i>, a nominee for the 2006 Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction, is an affecting story of an ordinary family coping w
Book Review Feb 5
 A Troublemaker's Handbook 2: How to Fight Back Where You Work and Win!
Judy Rebick | Edited by veteran union journalist Jane Slaughter, <I>A Troublemaker's Handbook</I> is a must-have for anyone trying to do progressive work in a union or a workplace. It is a well organized, up-to-d
Book Review Feb 4
 Our Bodies, Ourselves: A New Edition for a New Era
Kathleen O'Grady | When the Boston Women's Health Collective set out, 35 years ago, to write a comprehensive women's health guide that valued the experiences of women, little did they know they would spark a movement.
Book Review Jan 23
 Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women
Gillian Burnett | In <I>Nine Parts of Desire</I>, journalist Geraldine Brooks aims to provide a more complex vision of Islam for Westerners than that which prevailed in the mid-nineties. She examines how the Quran, a
Book Review Jan 22
 Michael Moore: A Biography
Carlyn Zwarenstein | In his first biography! See Moore as he runs for the high school board in order to fire his principal, peek into his time as publisher of community newspaper <I>The Flint Voice</I>, and watch his for
Book Review Jan 20
 Kill the Robot
Kristi-ly Green | Toronto indie rock goddess (The Hidden Cameras and The Republic of Safety) and award-winning playwright Maggie MacDonald is stewing about what the future might hold. Based on her new back-to-the-Cold
Book Review Jan 19
 State of the World 2006
Scott Redding | The Worldwatch Institute's annual State of the World reports keep track of environmental issues and forecast the next global challenges. This year, China and India's twin rise in the global economy i
Book Review Jan 18
 Trout Stanley
Laurel Smith | Claudia Dey's remarkable new play, <I>Trout Stanley,</I> chronicles the lives of twin sisters in a small B.C. town. Grace runs the local dump, and Sugar hasn't left the house since their parents' dea
Book Review Jan 12
 The Immaculate Conception
Carlyn Zwarenstein | Hitting the reader in the gut is a time-honoured strategy, one of a writer's many potentially magical tools. In Ga&#195;&#169;tan Soucy's <I>The Immaculate Conception,</I> the ghastly details support
Book Review Jan 11
 For Those Whom God Has Blessed with Fingers
Rebecca Silver Slayter | Ken Sparling, an agile minimalist, has stripped the novel form so bare that, after reading a few pages of <I>For Those Whom God Has Blessed with Fingers,</I> you may begin to fear that you are faced
Book Review Jan 9
 The Enemy Within
Jenn Watt | Nalini Warriar's <i>The Enemy Within</i> delivers a detailed tour of the internal (and, frequently, the external) landscape of an Indian immigrant in Quebec, struggling to keep her sense of self in a