Duncan Cameron October 16
Duncan Cameron
The Supreme Court decision creates uncertainty about just what avenues are open to First Nations to secure their treaty rights, if they are denied judicial review of the legislative process.
Rick Salutin October 13
Howard Zinn said that it's always one step forward, two back. But today's regressive feels so depressive partly due to the proud ignorance that accompanies it.
Monia Mazigh October 12
Monia Mazigh
CAQ leader François Legault and his team ran much of their election campaign on the backs of immigrants, using polarizing language to pit "good immigrants" against "bad immigrants."
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan October 11
U.S. President Trump says the government is doing all it can for the victims of Hurricane Michael. By denying climate change, he is assuring many more storms and countless victims to come.
Duncan Cameron October 9
Duncan Cameron
In ongoing talks with Japan and the EU, the U.S. plans to use the precedent created by a concession granted in the USMCA to advance the American goal of punishing China for its trade practices.
Rick Salutin October 5
Toronto is a city people love, but its strength is in its neighbourhoods and demographics, not its leadership. As we gear up to face Ford, wouldn't it be nice to have strong mayoral representation?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan October 4
As U.S. President Donald Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court seemed to be reaching a controversial conclusion last week, a remarkable encounter took place on live TV.
Duncan Cameron October 1
Duncan Cameron
Pierre Trudeau called the original trade deal with the U.S. "a monstrous swindle." The new deal is that, plus a set of unnecessary capitulations to shut up Donald Trump on trade. It won't.
Marianela Ramos Capelo, Digital Freedom Update October 1
In Canada, costume designs are considered to be under copyright. So, mass-producing a costume of Marvel's Thor without clearing the rights to use the character might not be the best idea.
Jim Stanford September 28
Union work stoppages have become quite rare in Canada. Perhaps it's not surprising many Canadians have forgotten (or never learned) how these things actually work.
Matthew Behrens September 28
To distract from the glaring failure to prioritize child care over warfare and housing over drones and new bombers, the Liberals continue to dance about the global stage as self-proclaimed feminists.
Linda McQuaig September 27
A recent episode involving pro-Palestinian activist Dimitri Lascaris highlights the extent to which debate over Palestinian rights has been all but shut down by our political leaders.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 27
From women's control over their own reproductive rights, to sexual assault and abuse, we'll know we have made progress when women's bodies are no longer a battleground in the U.S.
Pro Bono, Michael Hackl September 27
Until the institutional bias that exists in society is addressed, the use of technology will not help eliminate bias in police work.
Lois Ross September 26
The 1980s were an incredible time of change, challenge and hope in Nicaragua after the 1979 Sandinista Revolution. Now many are questioning the source of the violence that's erupted in the country.
Duncan Cameron September 25
Duncan Cameron
Whether Liberal or Conservative in name, once in government, both parties have regularly adopted each other's main policies.
Rick Salutin September 22
Why is "war of civilizations" discourse enjoying a revival? Canadian nationalism lacks traction with youth and a Pew poll from last week showed 74 per cent Canadian support for welcoming refugees?
Brent Patterson September 19
The occupation of numerous old growth trees in the Hambach Forest provides an inspiring example of grassroots resistance to the coal industry that we can apply to struggles in this country.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 18
Joining the professional firefighting crews on the front lines of California's massive fires are thousands of prisoners, brought out of their jails to engage in this dangerous work.
June Chua September 18
Karen Connelly, a human rights activist and storyteller, was one of four writers in Berlin launching a preview of the anthology "Refugees Worldwide II."
Duncan Cameron September 18
Duncan Cameron
Behind-the-scenes efforts by corporate executives are underway to bring Trump-like tax reform to Canada, in the form of tax write-offs to boost manufacturing industry profits.
Rick Salutin September 14
Why are venerable institutions going back centuries so vulnerable? And what sustains decency and democracy in trying times, if not history and institutions? It's something simple.
Duncan Cameron September 11
Duncan Cameron
Canadians look to the federal government for leadership. What they have been getting instead from the Liberal government is stewardship.
Rick Salutin September 8
Canada is a prime example of a blighted electoral system. We routinely endure governments that got around 40 per cent of votes and act like absolute monarchies.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 6
On Nov. 8, 2016, Crystal Mason, an African-American mother of three, went to the polls and voted. What Crystal didn't know was that in Texas, you can't vote while on parole or supervised release.
Marianela Ramos Capelo, Digital Freedom Update September 4
Have you ever thought about how nearly every logo, piece of design (yes, including your tattoos), song, and movie has been or is currently under someone else's copyright?
Duncan Cameron September 4
Duncan Cameron
No amount of public assurances from Chrystia Freeland about returning to the table with "good faith" negotiators are going to dispel the doubts that now surround Canada-U.S trade relations.
Rick Salutin August 31
In rejigging NAFTA, Trump seems to have delivered on one of his main pledges, which no one anticipated.
Linda McQuaig August 30
Doug Ford's revved-up war against the poor could perhaps be described as politically cunning. One thing it could never be described as is populist.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 30
According to reports, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is considering allowing federal education funds to be used to buy guns to arm teachers in the classroom.