Naomi Klein November 21
Naomi Klein
Confronted with a country where eight million people are homeless and close to five million are HIV positive, some try to paint deepening inequality as a sad but unavoidable legacy of racial aparthei
Jerry West November 21
Jerry West
The new laws that are being proposed and passed here in Canada, Britain, the United States and other countries are a regression from the principles of freedom and democracy, of civil rights and the r
Parker Barss Donham November 21
Canadian governments no longer execute people, but aside from that, the main difference between Bush's decree and Attorney General Anne McLellan's anti-terrorism bill is one of scope: Bush's decree a
Dalton Camp November 21
The dirty little secret about America's war is that it may never end. The Russians, who also captured Kabul, failed to hold it. And many will remember Vietnam and the war during which the U.S. declar
Roy Adams November 20
Instead of seeking a consensus on the appropriate method for dealing with alleged terrorists, Bush last week issued an executive order that unilaterally establishes a United States military court to
Tom Walkom November 20
If there were a need to give the security apparatus extraordinary new powers - even for five years - Bill C-36 might be justified. But Justice Minister Anne McLellan and Prime Minister Jean ChrÃ
Linda McQuaig November 19
It seemed harsh but inevitable. After all, in such tough times, how can we expect to hold on to expensive public programs like Medicare? Surely public healthcare will just be one more thing - like ci
Michele Landsberg November 18
Like a cross between Rachel Carson and Oliver Sacks, Steingraber makes us marvel at the intricate and dazzling dance of bodily functions (invisible to us who so casually inhabit those bodies) that go
Parker Barss Donham November 18
The myth that great efficiencies can be achieved by monkeying with the number and size of bureaucratic units - whether in education, healthcare or municipal government - has cast its seductive spell
Dalton Camp November 18
Complications result when you let someone else do your fighting for you. Having underwritten the Northern Alliance, provided it with arms, advice, even uniforms, our principal ally then entered and s
Thomas Walkom November 17
The attention focused on Afghanistan - on the surprise victories of the Northern Alliance, the apparent collapse of the Taliban and Canada's still undefined role in ensuring that this war-ravaged cou
Michele Landsberg November 17
No colourful images or heart-wrenching pictures leap to the mind's eye when you hear them. It would be hard to knock on doors and solicit the money that is so urgently needed now that governments are
Lyle Stewart November 16
The war on drugs costs the U.S. and other countries billions, ruins millions of lives, helps corrupt democracies and has seriously eroded civil liberties in the U.S. even before September 11. There i
Rick Salutin November 16
It seems to me there is a subtext to this crisis of, How dare they challenge us? Just who do these people think they are? The West likes to think of itself as the engine of history.
Rachel Giese November 15
It's paradoxical in a culture so reverent of individual rights that the people who surrounded Gillian Hadley were so ready to violate hers. They listened in on her phone conversations, followed her o
Parker Barss Donham November 14
With so many reporters and editors tied up covering the aftermath of September 11, these media giants could spare no one to assemble the National Opinion Research Center's data into news stories that
Dalton Camp November 14
Today, one cannot cross the street in downtown Toronto without running into some earnest new Toronto Tory hastening to a meeting convened in the interest of reforming the Progressive Conservative par
Naomi Klein November 14
Naomi Klein
Are backroom payoffs and gentlemen's agreements really going to be the only legacies of September 11, or is there more the world community could be demanding during this, the most multilateral of mom
Thomas Walkom November 13
It is not going well. The terrorists of September 11 have not been caught. As a result, every incident (and yesterday's air crash in New York was a spectacular example) spooks us into thinking they h
Roy Adams November 13
The September 11 tragedy has revealed the deep downside of a cut-rate airline security system. On the ground, it is clear that the performance of airline companies operating under competitive conditi
Murray Dobbin November 12
Ever since Canada signed the original free trade deal with the United States, it has been moving in the direction of the corporate state. Why has Canada abandoned its historic role to become one of t
Dalton Camp November 11
Advertising campaigns promoting wars have about the same shelf life as your average beer commercials. There will be more than just a new ad campaign to help the cause. According to CNN, the Bush admi
Michele Landsberg November 11
Today marks a double Remembrance Day; it is also the two-month anniversary of the World Trade Center catastrophe, and no one can be sanguine about where we are headed. After all these weeks of bombin
Parker Barss Donham November 11
Customers who were kept in the dark for a week and a half about their missing mail can be forgiven for suspecting Canada Post was less concerned about timely service than about preventing the job act
Michele Landsberg November 10
There is so much gorgeous poetry and enchanting nature imagery in Dream that I've always revelled in the shimmery, glimmery words, while flinching away from the embarrassing, even horrifying, spectac
Lyle Stewart November 9
For those new to the debate around globalization, trade deals such as the Free Trade Area of the Americas are not about trade at all but about the privatization of public goods and services. In othe
Rick Salutin November 9
Whatever the virtues of simplifying the news, you have to admit there aren't many places to go once you reduce a huge mess to something like good versus evil. As we've seen this past week, the news o
Dalton Camp November 7
The combination of reasonably objective coverage of the war blessedly free of commercials and program promos offers the viewer considerably therapeutic benefits while making him or her better informe
Parker Barss Donham November 7
Petty pot busts in Canada last year left thousands of youngsters with the stigma, and barrier to future employment, of a conviction. They diverted police from real crimes. They propelled hundreds of
Roy Adams November 7
Bush announced with a grin that he wanted bin Laden "dead or alive" an approach to justice that was the norm in the fabled American Wild West. Despite all of the feel-good movies made about it, the W