Lois Ross April 24
The United Nations has declared the years 2019 to 2028 as the UN Decade of Family Farming, citing the need to stem hunger and work toward food security.
June Chua April 23
Three unique and influential individuals in three very different arenas of life come together at this year's Hot Docs documentary festival in Toronto.
Duncan Cameron April 23
Duncan Cameron
With Jason Kenney rejecting the idea that what Ottawa thinks is good for the climate is good for the people of Alberta, he is provoking a fight with Justin Trudeau.
Rick Salutin April 20
Notre Dame was an ideal displacement for embattled Macron, after months of the yellow vests nipping at his neoliberal heels.
Antonia Zerbisias, Broadsides April 19
In the wake of Jason Kenney's victory in Alberta, Doug Ford celebrated the "Blue Wave" washing over Canada, making it clear that the right will stick together to work from the same damaging playbook.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan April 18
As Easter and Passover approach, current events in Israel and Palestine are no cause for celebration, and are adding fuel to racial and political fires in the United States.
Brent Patterson April 17
Extinction Rebellion is calling on people around the world to block streets and bridges to pressure governments to take meaningful action to avert further climate breakdown.
Rick Salutin April 16
A gorgeous, nostalgic new book marks the 50th birthday of Toronto's Theatre Passe Muraille. The pastiche quality of the book also reflects the collective emphasis in the institution's origins.
Duncan Cameron April 16
Duncan Cameron
Europeans go to the polls May 23-26 to elect a new European Parliament. Held every five years since 1979, the ninth direct election of Members of the European Parliament promises to be interesting.
Linda McQuaig April 11
Unlike the climate change battle, where a worldwide movement is managing to push the issue onto the political agenda, the fight to rid the world of nuclear weapons has become regarded as hopeless.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan April 11
U.S. President Donald Trump is intensifying his vicious crusade against people migrating from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, declaring last weekend, "Our country's full."
Bill Blaikie April 11
Having lost the culture wars on reproductive rights and same-sex marriage, there is now a counter-insurgency among Conservatives in the name of religious freedom.
Rick Salutin April 9
The SNC-Lavalin drama has focused on abstract moral principles like truth, justice or rule of law. It may be more fruitful to discuss moral issues by examining specific effects on people or groups.
Duncan Cameron April 9
Duncan Cameron
Populist leaders divide societies into friends and enemies, and employ all measures at their disposal to attack their supposed enemies without respect for science or truth.
Antonia Zerbisias, Broadsides April 5
One usually never-discussed topic is getting an unusual amount of play in this drama -- and that's feminism. In particular, whose feminism is more feminist than the other feminist's feminism.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan April 4
The ownership of daguerreotypes that feature enslaved men and women, and controlled by Harvard University, is a legal question that strikes at the heart of slavery.
Thomas Ponniah April 3
Our age's disruptive technological innovations have brought a rise in the importance of the ownership of information. How do we resist the development of an information-oriented hierarchy?
Rick Salutin April 2
The ability to be surprised is one thing that can keep us going in dispiriting times. Mueller may have made his contribution to the cause.
Victoria Henry, Digital Freedom Update April 2
In much the same way as a border guard can go through the clothes in your luggage, they can thumb through the personal contents of your phone.
Duncan Cameron April 2
Duncan Cameron
The fact that tax cuts do not create jobs as predicted has not stopped right-wing parties in search of business support from repeating the promise.
June Chua March 29
A new documentary crisscrosses the globe with UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing Leilani Farha to explore the forces driving the global housing crisis.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 28
This week, the state of Oklahoma won a landmark $270-million settlement against one of the world's largest manufacturers of prescription opioids, Purdue Pharma.
Michael Hackl, Pro Bono March 28
The federal government missed an opportunity to introduce a significant protection for the LGBTQ community by failing to take steps to ban conversion therapy.
Lois Ross March 27
While the budget purports to introduce a national food strategy, what it presents is barely a first step, with a mix of food and agriculture initiatives that are largely unconnected.
Duncan Cameron March 26
Duncan Cameron
The five-party race in Nanaimo-Ladysmith should provide an interesting test of each party's ability to gain maximum advantage over its adversaries.
Broadsides, Antonia Zerbisias March 22
Almost as soon as he became premier, Doug Ford began bullying Ontario youth with cuts to programs, projects and policies aimed at giving them safe, secure, healthy and prosperous futures.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 21
As New Zealand mourns, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern strives to place the focus on the 50 victims, and has promised swift action to change the nation's gun laws.
Brent Patterson March 20
Extinction Rebellion is calling on the CBC, BBC and other media outlets to prioritize coverage of climate breakdown proportionate to the level of danger it poses to us all.
Matthew Behrens March 19
What happened at Christchurch -- mass murder produced as the logical result of a long-running political epoch defined by the dehumanization and demonization of Muslims -- happens every day.
Duncan Cameron March 19
Duncan Cameron
Will the Algerian democracy movement, which invokes memories of the Arab Spring, complete its task of replacing a dictatorship with an electoral regime?