Dear Thomas Mulcair,

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. We value the lives of our friends and of others they might harm or kill in their stupor. Similarly, friends don’t let friends sign free trade deals. We value our people, our society, our economy and the global environment we all depend on for our collective well being.

‘Free trade’ has never been free.  It has always come with disproportionate costs and benefits, pursued by and for the benefit of the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

It has always been defended by the 1% on the basis that free trade will spur the economy to greater heights which will in turn provide jobs; the tired old trickle down mantra that always accompanies the agenda of the 1% by and for the 1%.  

A rising tide does raise all yachts, but drowns the lowlands where the yachtless live.  These are the policies that have contributed to and continue to promote increasing inequality within societies around the world with devastating effects for all, both rich and poor!

It is true that government has a critical role to play in shaping the future of our political economy. There are clear choices to be made. But rather than continue down the path of increasing inequality, we need a government committed to greater political and economic equality and building the green economy of the future rather than pursuing a strategy of exponential private profit at the cost of downward spiralling relative poverty and despair.  We need made in Canada solutions by and for Canadians and in so doing we will contribute to better solutions for all of the worlds people.

We have some clear choices to be made and some different paths to choose in the months and years ahead.  Let us choose the path of greater relative equality and a vibrant green economy.  

Friends don’t let friends sign free trade agreements. 

Please take a stand against CETA.


Jef Keighley,
Halfmoon Bay, B.C.