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On Friday, June 22, join in the largest act of civil disobedience in North American history.

From the Harper government’s attacks on workers and our environment, to Charest’s attacks on students and Law 78’s attack on the public’s right to protest, now is the time to unite. 

Tomorrow, June 22, there is a massive mobilization taking place in Quebec. Join with friends and family to take the uprising in Quebec from coast to coast to coast. 

This is about more than tuition; this is about education for all, about ending austerity, and about creating the future we want to build. We refuse to be silenced!

This Friday, wherever you are, join with friends and family to bang on pots and pans in solidarity with the people of Quebec. 

Most casseroles will begin at 8p.m. Check out this link to find out where events are being planned in your city. If your city isn’t on the list, organize an event with the people in your community.

Casseroles will continue on a weekly basis. The next massive demonstration will be July 22.

On ne lâche pas!


Check out the short film by Jérémie Battaglia that captures the spirit of the Casseroles. 

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