campus-notes-node2-01-1 and the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) are teaming up to find Canada’s next progressive student journalists.

We’re looking for progressive stories that get to the heart of what it means to be a student in 21st-century Canada. What challenges do college and university students face? What would a truly progressive vision for post-secondary education look like? And most importantly, how do we get there?

Funded by the CFS, Canada’s oldest and largest student organization representing over 650,000 students, the Campus Notes student journalism project is seeking sharp, well-written pitches for feature stories on critical student issues.

We want strong, fact-driven reporting with a left-wing perspective on issues that matter to you. Together, we’re going to change the conversation on post-secondary education in this country.

Some potential story ideas we would be interested in pursuing:

  • How can we make universal tuition a reality?
  • How do we fix Canada’s student debt crisis?
  • Studying while Black
  • Rape culture
  • Decolonizing the university
  • Precarious labour and contract academic faculty

and any other progressive-focused story you can dream up. 

Writers must be enrolled in a post-secondary education program (college, undergraduate or graduate) or a recent graduate. Compensation will be $100 per 800-word piece. 

Send detailed pitches (maximum 200 words) or any questions to Blogs and Opinions Editor Michael Stewart (michael[at] Please put “Campus Notes” in subject heading. is a progressive news organization that seeks to amplify marginalized and underrepresented voices. Our pitch guidelines can be found here. Our journalistic policy can be found here. is one of the success stories of Canadian independent journalism, publishing news and columns by some of the best writers of the left, and providing exposure to new writers. You can read, hear and watch them in our original news, opinion, blogs, books, podcast and video sections, and on our moderated discussion board, babble! Since‘s inception in 2001, our readership has grown by leaps and bounds while maintaining a loyal core readership: we get up to 450,000 unique visitors monthly, and we are growing.