A protester bangs on a pan during a Quebec student protest


Entendez-vous ca? Pots and pans are having a banner week. This love letter for les casseroles by Ethan Cox would be a great way to keep it going. Or this one by Judy Rebick, who spent Casseroles Night in Canada in Alberta, and didn’t mind one bit. Or try this post, in which Syed Hussan argues volatile movements like les casseroles can be more powerful than super-organized demonstrations. 

This story also broke this week: United Nations independent experts worry Loi 78 is overly restrictive of students’ rights to assembly and association. 

On Monday, Nick Falvo broke down his report on poverty in the Yukon for the Progressive Economics Forum blog. 

Is Canada cozying up to counties where human rights violations are rampant? If you want to know who our Prime Minister was meeting with earlier this month and why, don’t miss Karl Nerenberg’s Monday post for Hill Dispatches. 

It turns out clowns don’t scare everybody. This Clown Therapy project described by brand-new blogger Holly Adams is very cool.

Don’t forget rabble’s annual membership drive! Become a member and get a free subscription for a great indie magazine. This staff blog post has the deets.