Here at, we have been working hard to cover the Quebec student strike and the Maple Spring it helped spark, especially in light of the hostility shown to these historic social upheavals by much of the media in English Canada. 

Now that there’s an election campaign underway, we are also working to bring you a critical, progressive perspective that helps explain the unique political terrain of Quebec to readers across the rest of Canada and beyond. 

In all of this coverage, we have leaned heavily on our Quebec correspondent Ethan Cox for his sharp commentary and analysis. 

Today, Ethan will be in attendance at the first of the televised leaders’ debates of the Quebec election campaign. You can follow him in our widget below, or at @EthanCoxMtl for his instant impressions and insights on the debate, which gets underday at 8p.m. Eastern time.

Four of the parties in Quebec’s election are represented in tonight’s debate: Jean Charest of the Quebec Liberal Party, Françoise David of Quebec solidaire, François Legault of the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) and Pauline Marois of the Parti Quebecois. You can watch the broadcast at