Activist Communique: Never Idle – Idle No More Day of Action Against G.E. Uranium Processing Plant

The Deets:

Sunday February 3, 2013

1005 Lansdowne Ave, then 1025 Lansdowne Ave

Toronto, ON


The Call Out:

Greetings All!

When: On February 3rd people will be gathering for a Day of Action Against G.E. Uranium Processing Plant located in a residential Toronto Area

What and Where: We will gather at 11AM at the nearby coffee time (1005 Lansdowne Ave.) to meet each other and share information. See map:

By 11:30AM we will have walked to the plant ( 4 minute walk), and gather for a ceremony led by Danny Beaton.
See map:

Then we will march through the neighbourhood together, finishing at Lansdowne and Dupont intersection for round dancing and snacks. Please feel free to bring fruits, cookies, coffee, granola bars or whatever you wish!

We could go on about the hazards of this facility, or the fact that the uranium is being extracted from communities that do not consent to such developing, are unaware of the extractions, and even worse are being physically and mentally effected by the invasion and destruction of the land.

In order for this plant to be productive and function, it requires uranium, and this extraction has detrimental effects on more than one community. The uranium extraction effects start with the first nations communities where it is extracted, to the community members that reside near the processing plant (and some are not even aware of what is going on in the front/back yard!!)

Some of you are aware of the G.E. processing plant’s activities, located in the heart of a west downtown Toronto residential neighbourhood. If you are not, the following links are avenues can be used to discover what exactly is being done at this plant.

Wanna get a street view of the plant?:

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

For more information on a group that would also like to Stop G.E.’s Uranium Factory in West End Toronto at:

Anyone who would like to help collaborate and put forth their efforts, please contact one of the fb hosts!!



Krystalline Kraus

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