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A grim picture emerges in Cancun

by Brent Patterson

A grim picture is starting to emerge from the early days of the climate talks in Cancun.

The Council of Canadians are in Mexico — follow their journey on their rabble blog.



Update from Cancun: Canada attempts to kill the Kyoto Protocol

by Emma Lui

Canada, along with a small number of powerful countries, is taking active steps to render the Kyoto Protocol meaningless and to ensure that it is not extended beyond 2012.

Visit the Council of Canadians’ water campaigner’s blog ‘Making Waves’ for more.


Evo Morales laments exclusion of Cochabamba Agreement from Cancun discussions on climate change

by Judy Rebick

On Friday Evo Morales lamented the exclusion of the Cochabamba agreement from the Cancun discussions on climate change and called for action from social movements and ALBA governments.

Visit Judy Rebick’s blog ‘Transforming Power’ for more.


Weekly Mulch: If Cancun Climate talks falter, blame the U.S.

by Sarah Laskow

The most recent round of United Nations-led climate change negotiations began this week in Cancun, and although international expectations are muted this year, the stakes are still high.

Visit the U.S. Media Consortium blog’s for more of their Weekly Mulch updates.


Activist Communique: 1,000 Cancuns for climate change — two Toronto actions

by Krystalline Kraus

A call on Indigenous peoples, communities and supporters in the U.S. and Canada to mobilize to reject false market-based distractions and to instead adopt real solutions to climate change.

Visit Krystalline Kraus’s blog for local climate justice action updates.


Cancun: Cut throught the nonsense for the sake of our planet

by Michael M’Gonigle and Louise Takeda

We tinker endlessly inside the operating system of planetary destruction, but we don’t even know how to talk about getting outside of it. A solution starts with courage.


Tune in to Canadian Youth Delegation to COP 16 daily podcasts

The Canadian Youth Delegation will keep you up-to-date on the negotiations, impacts of and solutions to climate change at home and abroad. They’ll let you know what you can do to create change locally and globally.



Indigenous peoples protest tar sands at COP 16

Indigenous Native and First Nations peoples from Canada and the U.S. and allies deploy giant human banner, call for stop to tar sands, at COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico.



Climate change: Cancun and globally

Discuss crucial Cancun talks on our babble discussion board.



People’s Assembly on Climate Justice – Toronto

Join fellow community organizers, activists, groups and neighbourhood participants to discuss what we can do to achieve a stronger and more united movement for Climate Justice in Toronto.
This first Vancouver People’s Assembly on Climate Justice will begin a series of Assemblies to build a strong and effective Climate Justice movement in the Lower Mainland.


How will Cancun succeed where Copenhagen failed?