The Global Frackdown is just a few days away! We’re asking people to take action and one way is to participate in the Fracking Wastewater Bucket Challenge to bring attention to the risks of fracking wastewater.

Along with Maude Barlow’s video, you can see the videos of Water Campaigner Emma Lui, Atlantic Regional Organizer Angela Giles, Co-Chair of the NWT chapter Lois Little, Board member Steven Shrybman, Inverness Chapter member David Martin and friend of the Council Andrew Davis.

Here are some tips on making your own video:

1.    What to say in the video

  • Tell people that this is the “Fracking Wastewater Bucket Challenge” and mention who nominated you (if anyone)
  • Be sure to nominate two people you know plus an elected official (your MLA, MP, Premier, Stephen Harper, etc.) or CEO of a fracking company.
  • Tell the camera why you’re doing this:
    • “I’m doing this to highlight the concerns about chemicals used in the fracking process.” or “I’m doing this to draw attention to the risk that fracking chemicals pose to public health.”
    • “Companies are not legally required to disclose what type of chemicals they are using. Fracking wastewater contains toxic chemicals, radioactive materials and heavy metals.”
    • “There is no safe way to dispose of fracking wastewater. Municipal wastewater facilities are not equipped to treat fracking wastewater and injecting the wastewater into the ground has been linked to earthquakes.”
  • Talk about a fracking project in your community, province or elsewhere that you’re concerned about.
  • Make sure to sign our Ban Fracking Now petition and tell your nominees to do the same!

2.    What to wear

For a hazmat suit, go to your local hardware store and buy coveralls, a dusk mask and safety glasses. You can also make it more fun and creative by wearing swimming goggles or snorkel.

3.    How to make your fracking wastewater bucket

Take a bucket and tape the following signs on it:

4.    Other tips

  • Do this with friends, family or colleagues and videotape each other. To save water, use grey water. For example, save the water from your shower. Stand in your garden or on lawn to reuse the water.
  • Here are some other actions you can take for the Global Frackdown.
  • Learn more about fracking by visiting our fracking webpage.
Emma Lui - Fraser River

Emma Lui

Emma Lui is an activist, writer and researcher. She is a contributing editor with rabble.ca and a member of Cooperative Biblioterre. Emma is also the holistic health director for the Canadian Women...