Here are the photos I took from the River Run Rally which was held on July 31, 2014. The River Run is an annual Toronto event that flows through the streets of Toronto to remind every one of us of how important clean water — free of mercury — is for all of us.

The River Run is an annual event in Toronto led by the Grandmothers of Grassy Narrows First Nation who demand that government and industry clean up the decades of pollution that affects the people, animals and fish who depend on the English-Wabagoon River System. Generations of community members suffer from Minamata Disease as a result of mercury poisoning.

This year, the River Run was held on July 31, 2014. Chief Fobister went on a two-day hunger strike for his people, to demand the right to clean water and control over any logging on their traditional territory.

Grassy Narrows has been host to the longest-running blockade to prevent clear cutting on their traditional territory.

Please view the photos I took from the River Run here.

For more information about the struggles of Grassy Narrows: Grassy Narrows former chief begins hunger strike in desperate attempt to get government help for his people

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