While particular environmental campaigns are usually the focus of news attention – think climate change protests or banning bottled water – there are tons of ways for individuals and households to take small but valuable steps towards a more sustainable and green planet.


Reducing food waste and other harmful practices in the kitchen is  a great place to start. Check out this post from Green Matters blog to get some ideas. One of the awesome things about these tips (and most waste-reduction strategies for the home) is that you can implement the ones that work for YOU. Of course, knocking out the whole list generates surefire bonus points, but for those who don’t have the time or financial resources to make some of the changes, you can start small, with easy and simple “1-Minute” jobs.


Here’s some starter ideas for the rookie environmental activist:


-Turn your fridge and freezer to the optimal temperature for energy efficiency and safe storage

-Turn on your faucet to generate a stream of water the width of a straw (no need to turn on full blast unless you’re doing dishes!)

-Make one night a meatless meal

-Re-use aluminum foil, or eliminate it altogether by re-using glass jars and reusable containers

-Start composting (most cities now collect biodegradable waste alongside garbage!)

-Investigate your area’s recycling plant policies – often they accept additional products like copy paper/junk mail, additional plastics, even plastic bags