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B.C.’s drought conditions have prompted new water restrictions. And rampant wildfires in southwest B.C. have swamped Vancouver’s skies with thick smoke. Peter Prontzos says inaction on climate change is to blame. How so? Find out here.

Vancouver hasn’t been living up to its reputation as Rain City. Despite Vancouver being in a rainforest, the weather has been unusually sweltering. But Vancouver isn’t the only place experiencing strange weather. David Suzuki says, “Unusual weather is everywhere.” Suzuki explains why in his latest blog post on rabble.ca here.

Despite the detrimental risk that Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline poses to the environment, Kwantlen Polytechnic University in B.C. has signed a memorandum of understanding with Kinder Morgan. What does the agreement entail? What are students and faculty saying about the MOU? What does KPU Vice-President, Salvador Ferreras say about signing the MOU? Find out here.

Also this week on rabble.ca, John Baglow reviews transgender rights in Canada and Bill C-279. Trans-rights activists have hailed Bill C-279 as being transphobic. Baglow says, “The tortuous trajectory of C-279 says much about the dark side of our society.

Pamela D. Palmater, Mi’Kmaw lawyer and member of the Eel River Bar First Nation in New Brunswick submitted a statement to United Nations’ 114th Human Rights Committee Session earlier this week. In the statement, Palmater called for Canada to “set right its relations with Indigenous peoples.” Palmater discussed core issues such as discriminatory treatment of Indigenous peoples, Bill C-51, and poverty. Read the highlights of the issues Palmater dissertated in her submission to the U.N. here.

Where are Canada’s political leaders when racist violence occurs? Azeezah Kanji says that when it comes to racist violence, the silence of Canadian politicians is deafening. Kanji examines the facts here.

Canada is increasingly relying on temporary foreign workers. Armine Yalnizyan discusses why Canadian businesses favour these workers, and why Canada’s invitation to termporary foreign workers to come to Canada only extends so far. 

On the anniversary of Israel’s third major assault, Operation Protective Eagle, on the Gaza strip, David Bush examines “Canada’s bloody political consensus on Israel and Palestine.“And Joanne Naiman penned an open letter to Kathleen Wynne after Wynne publicly announced a planned trip to Israel. 

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Lenée Son is a freelance multimedia journalist living in Metro Vancouver and the rabble.ca Blogs intern.

Image: Flickr/Caelie_Frampton

Chip in to keep stories like these coming.

Lenée Son

Lenée Son

I am a freelance writer and photojournalist based in the Vancouver area. I have a strong interest in social issues pertaining to race, gender, and human rights. Especially as a woman of colour and...