Today across Canada thousands of everyday people are showing up at events to tell our government leaders that they must listen to the people, the voters, and lead on the issue of climate change.

Defend Our Climate, Defend our Community rallies kicked off in Atlantic Canada and now a wave of rallies — more than 180 in all — are underway. 

A recent poll found that 59% of Canadians think climate change should be a top priority and a whopping 76% say that Canada should sign on to a new international agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

People clearly want action and leadership on climate change, but there is a major gap between what the people want and what our government is doing, or in not doing. 

Just yesterday Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government applauded the new right-wing Australian Prime Minister’s move to scrap that country’s carbon tax. 

Canadians are not happy and they are taking to the streets to demand action. Here’s some of the early photos (and you can go here to see the Defend Our Climate live blog) of some of the events already underway:



Kevin Grandia

Kevin Grandia

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