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The cartoon/poster copied below summarizes the very disappointing results from the latest UN conference on Climate Change, COP17, that was held in Durban, South Africa in early December 2011.

This cartoon is based on a similar design I drew for the Gaia Foundation that focused on “smart agriculture.” If you want a larger version to print, please download this 1.2Mb version, which will look sharp on an A4 print-out. 

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Our species is faced with a very challenging situation: How to transform our wasteful and polluting economies so that we do not wreck our climate and environment.

As George Monbiot said recently: “So why is it so easy to save the banks and so hard to save the biosphere? If ever you needed evidence that our governments operate in the interests of the elite, rather than the world as a whole, here it is.”

In researching this poster I stumbled across the latest thoughts on this issue from Naomi Klein, who wrote a brilliant article in The Nation: “Capitalism vs. the Climate.” She clearly explains how “a green-left worldview, which rejects mere reformism and challenges the centrality of profit in our economy, offers humanity’s best hope of overcoming these overlapping crises.”

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