If you’re new to environmental activism (or looking to inspire action in an unaware friend or family member), check out this list of ten simple tips to make a difference.


It can seem overwhelming to combat a global issue like climate change all on your own. But it’s important to respect the power of building up small, consistent improvements over time. Even if every household eliminated meat at one meal every week, it would be the equivalent to taking your car off the road for three solid months. 


So embrace small changes, or try to institute all ten on the list if you’re a pro at “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Remember to continue your new environmentally-friendly practices and to look for more green living strategies to incorporate into your home and life.


Here’s a few of the tips you might not have considered before:

-work with your utility company to lower usage

-keep your tires properly inflated to use fuel more efficiently

-plant a tree in your backyard