The group behind the Death of Evidence rally has just launched an important new campaign called Science Uncensored that aims to stop the muzzling of government scientists.

We are seeing an unprecedented shift in the way our government handles public science. Scientists are being censored — they are no longer able to freely communicate their research to the media and the public. New government policies have the potential to suppress public science by making it harder for government scientists to publish their work and collaborate with scientists outside of government.

Why is our government censoring and suppressing public science?

Scientists and journalists have spoken out, but the government didn’t listen. We need to show the the federal government that Canadians stand behind our public-funded scientists and want them to be able to communicate openly with the media and the public.

Please visit the Science Uncensored campaign website to send a message to the government telling them that you want public scientists to speak freely!

You can also help by forwarding this to your friends and colleagues and sharing the campaign website on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you very much for your support on this important issue!

Emma Lui - Fraser River

Emma Lui

Emma Lui is an activist, writer and researcher. She is a contributing editor with rabble.ca and a member of Cooperative Biblioterre. Emma is also the holistic health director for the Canadian Women...