The Cochabamba Accord emerging from the 17 working groups at the Peoples World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth is to be read this afternoon to the thousands assembled at the stadium in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

People, music and dance have filled this stadium with a joyous celebratory feeling of hope and solidarity.

Leaders from many governments are on the stage to take part in this event and hear the reading of the Cochabamba Accord.

At the ‘dialogo pueblos – gobiernos conferencia mundial climatica’ (the dialogue between governments and the people) this morning, government leaders stated they would take this accord to COP 16, the climate summit in Cancun, as an alternative to the Copenhagen Accord.

More to come.

Brent Patterson, Director of Campaigns and Communications, Council of Canadians

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Brent Patterson

Brent Patterson is a political activist and writer. He has worked in solidarity with revolutionary Nicaragua, advocated for the rights of prisoners in jails and federal prisons, taken part in civil...