The working group on a world referendum or a popular consultation (plebiscito o consulta popular) has just made its presentation.

The five questions being recommended for the global referendum are:

1. Do you agree with changing the capitalist model of over-production and over-consumption in defence of Mother Earth?

2. Do you agree that countries must reduce and re-absorb their carbon emissions proportional to their emissions and historical debt?

3. Do you agree that all that is spent on wars should be transferred to a bigger budget in defence of Mother Earth?

4. Do you agree that our countries should be transformed into territories of peace free of foreign troops?

5. Do you agree with the establishment of a world climate court to try those who harm Mother Earth?

The working group recommended that the referendum take place on April 22, 2011, after COP 16 in Mexico but before COP 17 in South Africa.

The working group said that there would be the need for national committees and an international committee to carry out the preparation work.

They stated that the referendum must have the participation of every country with the largest possible number of people participating.

In countries with governments supportive of the global referendum, it could take place in an ‘official’ way. In other countries, the work would be done by a national committee of civil society organizations who would define how the referendum would take place according to that country’s customs and traditions.

The discussion is continuing at this moment. More to come.

An earlier campaign blog on the referendum – UPDATE: What is the People’s World Referendum on Climate Change — is at

Brent Patterson, Director of Campaigns and Communications, Council of Canadians

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Brent Patterson

Brent Patterson is a political activist, writer and the executive director of Peace Brigades International-Canada. He lives in Ottawa on the traditional, unceded and unsurrendered territories of the Algonquin...