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As we all commit to staying home and and protecting our communities, consider joining us and taking part in‘s #2020veganchallenge — this year from the comfort of your own kitchen. staff, contributors and users are encouraged to go vegan — or as close to it as possible — for a week to help protect the environment, show compassion for animals and enjoy some wholesome nutritious and yummy food. Going vegan is one of the best ways to contribute to climate justice and Earth Day. It will drastically reduce your carbon footprint, diminish air and water pollution and help reverse the destruction of ecosystems being used to produce feed for farm animals.

During these chaotic times, if you’re able to, we encourage you to participate in the challenge with all the members of your household, and see what kinds of meals you can come up with. We’ll be here to share ideas on how to eat cheaply and healthily, and with few ingredients (as we know grocery stores can be a little tricky these days).

Share your experiences in the comments section of our Facebook page, and our on our Instagram (@rabbleca), tagging us and using the hashtag #2020veganchallenge. We would love photos of your favourite meals, and will do our best to repost them. 

Thank you for joining us!

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Resources for the vegan challenge:

The Invisible Vegan 
The Game Changers
Forks over Knives
Meat the Future 

Toronto Pig Save
Toronto Health Save (co-host)
Food Empowerment Project

Vegan starter kit

Image: Sonny Abesamis/Flickr