At rabble.ca, we are committed to amplifying the voices and views of the climate justice movement. That’s why we joined the Covering Climate Now initiative.  

We are proud to stand with youth taking to the streets in Canada and in nearly 150 countries around the world tomorrow.

Here’s why we strike:

  1. Because anything less than system change means jeopardizing the future of our planet.
  2. Because Canada owes the rest of the world a massive climate debt.
  3. Because Canada needs a Green New Deal.
  4. Because workers deserve a just transition to clean, good jobs.
  5. Because climate justice is migrant justice is racial justice.
  6. Because we need to build a new economy that is based on caring for each other and our Earth.
  7. Because air pollution alone contributes to more than 7 million respiratory-related deaths annually around the world.
  8. Because Indigenous communities are on the frontlines of the climate crisis and there can be no reconciliation without climate justice.
  9. Because we believe in a better world and just future for all.
  10. Because austerity logic has harmed teachers, domestic workers, artists, educators, students, and other people who already work in low-carbon industries — and it’s time to reverse that logic.
  11. Because our universities and institutions are invested in the fossil fuel industry.
  12. Because our prime minister just bought a pipeline.
  13. Because real coverage of the climate crisis requires independent, activist-fuelled media.
  14. Because we need sustainable food systems.
  15. Because climate change is a top concern for Canadians going into the election and our political parties aren’t listening.
  16. Because a carbon tax just isn’t enough.
  17. Because we need massive investment in fully free, excellent, and universal public services, including health care, pharmacare, child care, and transit.
  18. Because climate change isn’t a single issue, it’s every issue.
  19. Because it’s climate justice now, or eco-fascism later.
  20. Because the time is up.

Image: Global Climate Strike