Like this article? rabble is reader-supported journalism. Chip in to keep stories like these coming., an e-page of the New York Post, is supposed to be my “source for celebrity news, gossip, entertainment, pop culture, photos, video and more.” But it’s now my source for the acme of ugly, misogynist, tendentious journalism. A victim of serial rapist Bill Cosby (sue me, Billy) has had the nerve, it seems, to buy an upscale apartment out of her settlement money.

The whole disgraceful article needs a good fisking.

The former Temple University employee whose sex-abuse accusations led to Bill Cosby’s arrest on Wednesday settled right into a ritzy Toronto condo after coming to terms with the comedian over her 2005 lawsuit against him, the [New York] Post has learned.

She bought a nice place. Shouldn’t she have donated all that money to a women’s shelter or something? Victims should play their proper roles.

Andrea Constand, 42, who told authorities Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in his Pennsylvania home nearly 12 years ago, got enough money from the funnyman to score a posh apartment in Toronto’s Candy Factory Lofts.

“Told authorities,” eh? Ah, so it’s he said, she said, after all. Could she have extorted him?

Her name and address are now public, by the way. I hope the building security is tight.

“She bought this place with the settlement money,” a neighbor said of the deal, which included a nondisclosure agreement. Constand moved into the building about 10 years ago. “She told me about it, that she was the only one to get a settlement because she had evidence.”

Well, so she says. Right?

Pennsylvania prosecutors reopened Constand’s case against Cosby over the summer, and the entertainer once revered as “America’s favorite dad” was charged Wednesday with aggravated indecent assault for the 2004 incident.

What — this vengeful bitch got all that cash and is still going after America’s favorite dad? Well, no, wait, there’s a difference between a civil action and a criminal trial. The journos know this — don’t they?

Constand was spotted walking her two dogs in a park near the stylish building on Thursday morning, and tweeted a photo of one of her poodles around 11 a.m. Earlier, she tweeted: “Let’s all stay classy plz! That includes anybody who may be inserting their opinion as to whether anything was fully investigated period.”

What, two dogs? And her building is “stylish?” Her Tweet, meanwhile, seems a mite…defensive, no? As though things weren’t really “fully investigated.” She should still be whimpering in a corner, bleeding — if she was really, you know, raped.

Neighbors said that Constand lives in a two-bedroom apartment in the trendy Design District, where a unit similar to hers sold for about $1.2 million in 2012.

A material girl. She sure profited handsomely from her (alleged) misfortune. Gold-digger.

At least 55 women have accused Cosby.

So they’re queueing up for a piece of Constand’s action too. Before the well runs dry.

“When it made the news again this year, [Constand] was upset,” one resident said, referring to Cosby’s deposition in the civil suit being made public in July.

When Constand first filed suit, she was living with her parents in Pickering, Ontario. Her Candy Factory neighbors described the massage therapist as friendly but not eager to be in the spotlight.

“She said she was being dragged into it again because the other women didn’t get a settlement and they wanted her to talk. She wants it to be over.”

Shouldn’t be hard to track her down at her place of work now, either. A “massage therapist,” hmm? And what a selfish woman. She obviously doesn’t care about the other victims — if victims they are, of course. She just wants it to be over. So she can live quietly on her winnings.

Meanwhile, Cosby’s lawyer Monique Pressley portrayed him as an elderly “blind” man on Thursday morning talk shows. “That’s not a defense of a crime,” she said. “Just a fact.” Cosby reportedly flew to Massachusetts Wednesday.

Just a fact. Poor old guy. But this Constand girl, now…

[Thanks and acknowledgements to Bina and Mary.]

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