I’ve noticed my blogs about the Inner Activist training module “Building Conscious Use of Power” are getting longer and longer. For those of you who would rather explore the program for yourselves than watch my talking head, check out Inner Essentials, which is an online program offered by the same folks who are putting on this training. And honestly, they are not paying me to shill this program. I think it’s a really good idea for those of us who are engaged in change work.

Self-awareness is a huge part of being an activist – awareness of privilege and bias, dominance and marginalization. What we often don’t stop to consider is that privilege and marginalization may inhabit us simultaneously. We talk about intersectionality – but do we recognize it in ourselves and in others? In the training I did yesterday (April 16th), we explored dominant and non-dominant identities in various stages, which don’t necessarily progress in linear fashion – sometimes we slip all the way back to stage one! Here’s my blog, after the jump: