Dear readers,

On this International Women’s Day, I’m reaching out to you to help celebrate 18 years of feminist media.

For 18 years, rabble has made a feminism a critical part of its mandate. Back then, our publisher and editor and most of our staff were women, something virtually unheard of in online media. Today, with the important new rise of a radically inclusive feminism and the #MeToo movement, rabble is more important than ever.

Will you help keep feminism media alive in well in Canada?

Founded in 2001, rabble has always amplified and bolstered the work of social movements. As one of rabble’s founders, I’m proud to see us continue in this direction, including being led by women. As media, rabble has also looked to be a space for young women, agitators, and media makers to learn the ropes of journalism and become the future of changemaking. Throughout its history, rabble has committed to training the next generations of critical, intersectional journalists in reshaping the media.

You can play a part in carrying on this important work.

For 18 years, rabble has been at the forefront of struggles reflecting the broad feminist movement in Canada: from the right to choose, to struggles for pay equity, to activism against gender-based violence and discrimination.

Together, let’s sustain another 18 years of women-led media!

In sisterhood,

Judy Rebick, Founding Publisher,

Image: Molly Adams/Wikimedia Commons

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Judy Rebick

Judy Rebick

Judy Rebick is one of Canada’s best-known feminists. She was the founding publisher of , wrote our advice column and was co-host of one of our first podcasts called Reel Women....