International human rights groups have called the captivity of Omar Khadr a humans rights crisis and now finally, after 13 long years, Omar Khadr is free at last. Supporters of Khadr are celebrating his release and freedom. John Baglow says Harper government and U.S. courts, however, may still have a few cards up their sleeves to prevent Khadr from obtaining justice and complete freedom.

To raise awareness of Israel’s apartheid policies on Palestinian and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, Israeli Apartheid Week ran this week in Canada from March 9-14.  John Baglow explains why he is a “soft” supporter of BDS, why we should boycott Israel, and why we should support BDS.

Childcare space shortages don’t seem to be an issue for right-wing think-tanks. Martha Friendly and Carolyn Ferns argue otherwise and say child-care space shortages are a real problem that needs to be addressed. Read why quality and affordable child care is critical here.

This week, CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt made international headlines after a video of Hunt confronting a group of soccer fans making sexually explicit comments went viral. A dialogue on cyber misogyny has since been ignited and the hashtag #mytroll is now trending. Inspired by the queen troll slayer, Hunt, women everywhere, including, Kaity Cooper, are sharing their experiences with cyber misogyny.

The deadline to cast your vote for Metro Vancouver’s Transit Referendum is just around the corner. Still undecided on what you are voting? You’ve heard why you should vote YES for a better environment, better commuting conditions, and less traffic congestion. But have you heard why you should vote YES from a feminist perspective? Kaity Cooper explains why transit is a women’s issue and why you should vote YES to support the women of Metro Vancouver.  

Meanwhile, Doreen Nicolla says communities across Canada are impacted by sexual assault. Do Canadian women feel safe using public transit? Is gendered violence still an issue on Canadian campuses?  Nicoll lays out the facts in her latest blog post and talk safety, consent, and rape culture.

Finally, Jesse Bauman continues part two of his discussion on living wages with Greg deGroot-Maggetti. Last week deGroot-Maggetti discussed the difference between minimum wage and a living wage. This week deGroot-Maggetti answers the tough questions on how living wages can restore good jobs, support healthy local economies, and save us money. 


Lenée Son is a freelance multimedia journalist living in Metro Vancouver and the rabble.ca Blogs intern.

Lenée Son

Lenée Son

I am a freelance writer and photojournalist based in the Vancouver area. I have a strong interest in social issues pertaining to race, gender, and human rights. Especially as a woman of colour and...