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With over 2200 blog entries in 2013 from hundreds of bloggers, there’s no better place on to get up-to-the-minute reportage from a diverse range of perspectives from Vancouver Island to Halifax Harbour, Point Pelee to the Yukon. Over the last week of the year, we will be rolling out a variety of “Best of” lists on all the most important issues covered in 2013.‘s strong crop of feminist bloggers continued their incredible work in the Canadian media landscape — it seems like a grave disservice to limit them to five entries. Nearly every entry of the prolific multi-author, multi-genre blog founded by Meghan Murphy Feminist Current could be on this list, as could Laura Brightwell’s Diary of a Lipstick Terrorist. So many other feminist entries found their way onto other topics — Labour, Aboriginal Solidarity, Canadian Politics — because if a blog is anti-feminist, it’s not on But below are five choice entries you may have missed in 2013. 

Labour issues in 2013 could be characterized by intense attacks and intense fightback. Bill C-377, Alberta’s shocking anti-union legislation and of course, the devastating changes to Canada Post and CUPW have all been met with fierce resistance. You won’t find better, fairer coverage of these issues anywhere else — on, “Big Labour” just refers to what is required to defeat Stephen Harper and his union-bashing cronies.

Top five Feminist blogs

David P. Ball —Judy Rebick: Henry Morgentaler was a ‘lightning-rod for the women’s movement’, May 30

Laura Brightwell — I don’t want to have sex, September 12

Meghan Murphy — My abuser called himself a feminist, October 10

Marusya Bociurkiw — Six reasons why calls to fire David Gilmour miss the point, September 28

Katarina Gligorijevic (Campus Notes) — I rewrote Emily Yoffe’s article about college rape, October 17


Top six labour blogs

Toby Sanger —Twelve reasons why union-busting Bill C-377 is the worst, June 24

David Bush — The missing piece: The far-left in the workplace, August 6

Tria Donaldson — Top seven reasons unions matter to young people, August 22

Trish Hennessey — What if the minimum wage was a living wage? November 1

Lynn Fernandex (Policyfix) — Wither human rights in Alberta? Premier Alison Redford supports the passing of anti-union bills, December 16

Mike Palacek (The Views Expressed) — Canada Post is not on life support, it is being murdered, December 17

Image: Flickr/ lazylikewally


Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart

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