Crowd of Gaza Freedom Marcher in Tahrir Square, Cairo (photo by Brandon Delyzer)

1300 Activists Converge on Cairo: We’re Blocked But We Won’t Be Stopped
After two Gaza Freedom March actions and meetings today were shut down by Egyptian Police, over 1000 activists met outdoors tonight at Tahrir Square (our indoor meeting permit had been cancelled earlier). We are told that no buses will be allowed to leave Cairo with GFM participants headed for Gaza. However, at 7am tomorrow morning we will be at the garage where we were originally to depart from, ready to board buses to El Arish. Despite the setbacks, spirits are high and activists are willing to do what it takes to press for an end to the siege.

Vive la France!

The French Government has reportedly negotiated an agreement which will allow some 250 French marchers to travel to the border and cross into Gaza. Canadian participants are asking, “What about our government? Where is the official support for our humanitarian mission?”
As different groups try diverse ways to get to Gaza and put pressure on authorities to ease restrictions, one thing is certain- things will continue to evolve quickly in the crowded, polluted chaos that is Cairo.



Wendy Goldsmith

Wendy Goldsmith

Wendy Goldsmith has been a social worker in London for the past 20 years, working with children, families, newcomers, survivors of abuse and women’s groups. She is committed to promoting peace...