rabble.ca looks a little bit different: we have launched our beta website and it’s much more than just a new look. 

Founded in 2001, rabble.ca was one of the very first online news sources; and storing and processing all of the tens of thousands of articles, blogs, discussions and more has been a real challenge. Now we are taking steps to protect those unique archives of progressive Canadian history, and each day the new site will become stronger, more robust and more responsive. 

While our look might be different, our values certainly aren’t. This year we’re also celebrating 20 years of being at the forefront of non-profit, community-driven, digital journalism. Founded and led by a lineage of women visionaries — from founding publisher Judy Rebick, through to our current editor and former labour beat reporter Chelsea Nash — rabble will remain completely free to access. 

We’ve heard from readers and have given a lot of thought to how we can improve the experience of rabble to make it easier for you to read, share, comment and to search through rabble’s priceless archive. 

Some of the changes you might notice will be a simplified navigation structure and enhanced functionality of the site itself. You may also notice an expanded columnist roster to bring you more voices, as we retire our blogs section. Welcome to new columnists including: Rachel Snow, Minister Faust, Evelyn Lazare, Chuka Ejeckam, Natasha Darling, Maya Bhullar and Cathy Crowe. They join other exceptional writers, including Monia Mazigh, Joyce Nelson, Duncan Cameron, David Climenhaga, Lois Ross, Matthew Behrens, Pam Palmater, Judy Rebick and many more (see our full list of regular columnists and contributors).

You’ll notice changes to how we share podcasts, too. rabble was the first to create a progessive podcast network even before Apple had launched its own. We are proud to be re-launching with two powerful podcasts; the continuation of Radio Labour Canada will bring you the latest in labour news, available exclusively at rabble; and, we’re launching a new era of rabble radio.The new edition of rabble’s flagship weekly show features a dive behind the headlines. Editor Chelsea Nash brings you the news of the week as well as insightful interviews featuring voices in Canadian politics that urgently need to be heard.

National politics coverage remains core to our work, and you’ll notice that award-winning Parliamentary correspondent Karl Nerenberg has been joined by Halifax-based writer Stephen Wentzell. Canadian politics coverage is rounded out by the now-monthly live video Off the Hill panel, co-hosted by Libby Davies and Robin Browne, featuring guests like MP Leah Gazan, Paul Taylor, and Cindy Blackstock. 

What you see on these pages is thanks to the support of people and forward-thinking organizations around the country who believe that the media can do better. Thank you to all of the folks behind the scenes who have worked on making this website relaunch happen and thank you to everyone who donated to make the change a reality. This project was also made possible in part through support from the Government of Canada

This new website is a big leap forward, and there will be many more steps in this journey. What I’m excited about is that this is just the beginning of a new era in rabble.ca’s mission to bring you progressive journalism for change. 

Thank you for reading and supporting rabble.ca

Kim Elliott, publisher

On behalf of the rabble staff and board

P.S: The site is still in beta testing right now. If you have a comment or correction about the new website please let us know with this form.


Kim Elliott

Publisher Kim spent her first 16 years on a working family farm in Quebec. Her first memories of rabble rousing are of strike lines, promptly followed by Litton’s closure of the small town...