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July 25, 2012

Student Strike Training Camp This Weekend in Toronto.

TORONTO – As a new year begins for many post-secondary students in Ontario, the Graduate Students’ Union at the University of Toronto is proud to support an initiative which will both educate students across the province on the current situation in Quebec, as well as engage members of its community in the struggles of students closer to home.

Centered at the University of Toronto on July 27th to 29th, the Ontario Student Strike Training Camp – through plenary discussions and workshops – shall engage participants in the topic of student strikes and other forms of grassroots organizing.

Additionally, the various participants from across the province shall discuss more generally student engagement and mobilization in their varied unions and campuses. With an eye towards the growth of direct democratic practice and healthy student organizations, the training provided through these events will both provoke discussion and supply students with the tools to create positive change.

“In Ontario, we experience yearly tuition hikes that have led to us paying the highest tuition in the country and leave the average university student with tens of thousands of dollars of debt. We must work to establish the democratic structures in our unions that will allow for the students of Ontario to come together and decide on the collective action that they want to take against this.” said Ashleigh Ingle, Civics and Environment Commissioner of the Graduate Students’ Union.

Whether you are an experienced organizer or new, whether you’re on the executive of a union, in the good old fashioned rank-and-file, or organize outside of unions altogether, the organizers of this training in direct democracy and collective action welcome you.

“This weekend is about using the experiences of organizers in Quebec so that we can create a truly participatory and direct action oriented student movement here in Ontario.” says Ingle.

Information on registration and scheduling for the event can be found on the Union’s website at


For More Information, Please Contact:

Ashleigh Ingle, Civics and Environment Commissioner.
 ([email protected]).


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