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“Tadamon” — Solidarity in Arabic

Let’s make sure this word stay alive. Yes, perhaps Canadian bones are not suited for a winter Solidarity with Egypt demonstration but what else are you doing Saturday afternoon? We have heard often the cries and concerns from people in Tahrir — or Liberation — Square that they fear the loss of connection from their demonstrations to the world and no, I am not just talking about the Internet as a mess of signal and wires.

I am talking about what the Internet represents, that ability to reach out into the world and find your struggle understood and thus mirrored in the Egyptian solidarity demonstrations across the globe. We do not need to struggle for them, but with them, mirroring the promise and chaos and strength and blood and hope found within the heart of Liberation Square.

It is within our beautiful nature as human beings to have empathy for one another beyond the physical borders that surround us and the snow that makes Egypt feel ever farther on the other side of the world. But transcending these boundries that threaten to turn Egypt into a narrative of a revolution that has nothing to do with us is important for solidarity to thrive; we are all connected in struggle and thus We Are All Egypt as the slogan goes.

But enough of this white skinned tongue, please read:

A Statement from the protesters at Cairo’s Tahrir square

Please see this list of solidarity actions for Egypt occuring this Saturday.

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Saturday, February 5, 2 – 4 p.m.
Manitoba Legislature, Winnipeg
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