The time is finally near for Babble Book Club’s discussion of The Wayfinders by Wade Davis.

This Sunday, August 12 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST, everyone is welcomed to log-on and join the previously established babble thread for this discussion of The Wayfinders. We invite everyone to join us on the thread to comment, question and discuss this book in its entirety or even just stop by to take a look if you haven’t finished the selection or just want to check us out!

The Wayfinders by Wade Davis has already proven to be a thought-provoking selection because of its exploration of such topics as language and culture, mythology and philosophy. Davis, a prominent Canadian anthropologist, author and photographer, has documented various issues and topics from indigenous societies of Northern Canada to the folklore of Haitian culture. With The Wayfinders, Davis delves into and celebrates the “wisdom of the world’s indigenous cultures” and aims to provoke thought behind the fundamental questions: “What does it mean to be human and alive?”

Didn’t have time to finish the book, but still want to join in? Wanting more Wade Davis and The Wayfinders? Check out the 2009 CBC Massey Lectures of The Wayfinders.

As always, we have the ongoing babble discussion thread up and running for those thoughts along the way and for the discussion on August 12. 

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Does language shape a culture or does culture shape a language? If a language doesn’t label something, does that limit the ability to see it? Are there universal traits between every culture?

Think it over and let the Babble Book Club know what you think!

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