Today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change.  Bloggers around the world are writing to promote Global Action. I am not sure what thousands of blogs on climate change will accomplish but I hope lots of us in Canada are participating since our government is about the worse climate criminal around.  Shaming the Harper Tories to do better  or even do anything on climate change is not going to work but you can sign the petition and show that the people of Canada are not behind the government on this one.

Tim Flannery, author of the WeatherMakers and one of the world’s experts on climate change has come to Canada to ask that “We desperately need Canada to play a much more positive role in the coming months,” Flannery said on Parliament Hill. “Canada’s an important country with important obligations and a very significant potential to play such a role.”  In fact Canada is more likely to block any agreement on climate change at the December global summit.

The best thing Canadians can do to reduce climate change is to support the campaign for a moratorium on the Tar Sands.  Greenpeace and Aboriginal groups have been doing great work bringing international attention to the horror of the Tar Sands Development. You can tell that Greenpeace’s direct action on the tar sands is effective by the attacks against them,  from attacks a Suncor Lawsuit to threats from the Alberta Solicitor General that he would look at terrorism legislation to stop their actions.

Some of the most radical work is being done by aboriginal groups in the area who are already suffering from the health effects of the tailings  ponds.  In August,  Clayton Thomas Mueller from the Indigenous Environmental Network lead a group to Britain to protest the tar sands at Canada House.

In fact supporting the work of Indigenous groups in Canada who are on the frontlines of defending what is left of our remaining wilderness is one of the most important things all of us can do to stop the corporate forces destroying the climate not to mention mother earth.  People in Toronto have a great opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal issues and struggles by attending Indigenous Sovereignty Week events from October 26th to November 1st.  And if that isn’t enough, check out these actions that are being circulated by Blog Action Day

Judy Rebick

Judy Rebick

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