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We don’t have to wait for the world and nations to take action to start implementing the Gree. New Deal. Municipal governments are responsible for the majority of local infrastructure and public services and they control roughly 44 per cent of Greenhouse Gas emissions in Canada, according to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Municipalities can also play a key role in rejecting new fossil fuel infrastructure in their jurisdictions.

Every community that adopts a local Green New Deal is an important step in taking our climate emergency more seriously. Each Green New Deal Community will also tip the scales toward provincial, territorial, and federal governments doing the same.

A Green New Deal for all will ensure that transformation is carried out equitably, that it is rooted in climate justice, that it respects the rights of Indigenous peoples, and that it creates over a million jobs in the process.

Will corporations decide our climate future? Or will it be people and communities? We can weave a Green New Deal together by winning municipal resolutions from coast to coast to coast. We decide our future with a Green New Deal.

Download your organizing guide today and start building your team to win a local Green New Deal.

Together, we can build a Green New Deal from the ground up in our communities. Because a Green New Deal is already here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.


Maya Bhullar

Maya Bhullar has over 15 years of professional experience in such diverse areas as migration, labour, urban planning and community mobilization. She has a particular interest in grassroots engagement,...