Dear American Neighbours,

The health care system in Canada has been simply wonderful for myself and my friends and family. I am shocked, like many Canadians, by the outright lies being told about Canada’s health care system in the US media. Choosing my own doctor has been a very important part of my health care. I have had the same General Practitioner for 24 years, a fantastic doctor. There is no restriction on treatment for people by age, either, another appalling myth.

My mother is 84 years young and continues to received tremendous health care from an array of doctors, nurses, and other gerontological specialists including dermatologists, social workers, nutrtionists and physiotherapists.

Teams of health professionals in three cities where she has lived in the last 20 years, have made sure she has the best care possible, and the best quality of life possible despite an array of serious physical ailments. Every treatment is covered automatically by our health insurance plan. We could never afford this care on all our family incomes combined, if we had to pay for all these professionals.

In Canada, no money is involved in the provision of health care, wtih very few exceptions. When Canadians need to visit a doctor or a hospital, we show our health card. THAT is what socialized health care looks like. Care for all ages.

The sensationalism of the US media has truly appalled me. This is why I am writing, knowing many friends and family who are living in the US, originally from Canada, and who know what a lot of baloney you are being fed about our health care system. This began as an insurance plan – everyone contributes to it through their taxes and people who need it use it. It has worked very well since the 1960s. I believe it is the *best *system in the world.

Good luck to you – I hope you will consider supporting Obama’s efforts to have a system for all citizens so that no one is left behind and no one gets to make massive profits off the sick and the frail elderly any longer.


Kate Lawton