As I write this, it’s just after 11 p.m. in Atlantic Canada and we’ve just watched the news.  My husband — and he’s no media-whiner — has written this letter to the CBC:

I just saw The National’s item on the all-candidates debate in Central Nova, which misrepresented it as a MacKay-May match, ignoring the candidate and party who are best challenging Peter MacKay for the seat. 

Camera angles were used/chosen in such a way that NDP candidate Louise Lorefice was not even shown.  She was not clipped.  One NDP sign was shown, only as the reporter stated that half the NDP support would have to switch to the third place contender for E. May to be able to win. 

This is inexcusable bias and misrepresentation.  I have read, heard and watched news reports of Canadian elections since 1962, and I cannot recall another news report that literally cut out one of the major participants in an event.   

People used to make fun of how the Soviet Union cut out the faces of politicians who were not in favour.  I never thought I would see the CBC do the same thing to a woman whose entire working life and community involvement in Central Nova has helped her be an excellent and well received candidate for the NDP.   

Ironically, CBC carried this literally incredible report on the day that Harris Decima reported the NDP to be leading all parties in Atlantic Canada.  As one of the CBC’s owners, I am very sorry that news judgement at the public network has fallen so low.   

Dan O’Connor