A mysterious, and ultimately fake, press release showed up just an hour ago claiming a sea change in Canada’s position at the climate talks.

The press release touts a new position that fulfills the every environmentalists dreams. That’s great, but it’s not true. It’s a fabrication — the kind that just makes you sad about the real position Canada will take at the bottom of the commitment pile.

In addition to the false news advisory, the crafty punkers created a brilliantly-done faux Wall Street Journal story and a fake COP page to add bite to their sting.

Jim Prentice in a press conference just now admitted only that he was aware of the spoof. But in a scuffle outside the press conference room, his PMO spokesperson has acknowledged fingering Equiterre’s Stephen Gilbeault as author of the well-laid plan. But he also admits that there is no proof beyond a forwarded email. And Gilbeault, who got as good a laugh as the rest of us when he saw the piece, is outraged by the personal attack on him coming from the Government of Canada.

The hits on the Government of Canada’s position just keep coming. Read more in a couple of hours.