We’ve assembled an exciting roster of writers and bloggers to share the latest scoop and analysis of the Copenhagen climate conference.

In addition to feature pieces, such as Oscar Reyes’ “Plan B: Protect the Rich”, and insight on the happenings in Denmark by our regular columnists, look to rabbletv and rabble blogs for daily coverage by Tor Sandberg, Program Director of rabbletv, who is on the ground in Copenhagen with his video camera; Diana Bronson, program manager at ETC Group (and board member); Josee Madeia,a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation; Joshua Kahn Russell, campaigner at Rainforest Action Network; Now Magazine’s Alice Klein,  and bloggers from the Council of Canadians and U.S. Media Consortium.

And if you’re one of the many Canadians who’ve travelled to Denmark for the UN’s climate talks, we want to see your photos, video and listen to your audio from the city over the next week!

We’re looking for a wide variety of shots that show your experience of the conference: citizen actions, protests and alternative events.

Just tag your Copenhagen photos on Flickr with “Copenhagen rabble” or e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll showcase some of the best here on!

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