yurt complete

With our time in Attawapiskat drawing to a close, the yurt is assembled! It is time to unpack the rest of the sewing supplies and games, and welcome in the community… In short, it was time for a party!

A permanent source of heat still needs to be set up in the yurt. In the meantime, the fabric, sewing items, and art supplies are stored off-site until there is permanent heat set up.

We had a lot of help from youth, moving all the supplies into this temporary room.

While the sewing supplies aren’t yet in the yurt, it didn’t stop us from starting the party with some fun with fabric!

Games and other supplies were moved to the yurt in the meantime. And it was time to start the party.

Chief Theresa Spence checks out the Legos.

Above: Danice, Dawn, and Leanne waiting for the party to start.

The games and Legos were a hit. Over 40 people showed up to check out the yurt. Tea and cookies were served.