Ford Executive #1: “Gawd, Jim. Sales are really down. We need to beef up our marketing.”

Ford Executive #2: “Try some new stuff.”

Ford Executive #1: “Be bold!”

Ford Executive #2: “Be BALLSY!”

(Ford Executives #1 and 2 look at each other, excitedly.)

“Let’s build a showroom in Union Station!”

Zipping through Toronto’s Union this morning and stumbled across Ford’s ridiculous attempt to try and get you to buy a car. I get the gist – putting a bunch of cars, especially hybrids, inside Canada’s busiest transport hub ensures you’re getting at least 200,000 views a day. But with the rest of the world finally getting on the green bandwagon – isn’t Ford worried about looking stupid?

Roz Allen

Roz Allen is a Toronto-based freelance troublemaker. Find her online at www.therozblog.com.