If you’re looking for a way to adopt a cat, dog or other animal in need of a home, check out Petfinder. This is a great way to search for pets at local rescue organizations.

You search by your postal code (or zip code for American friends) and can take a look at the available pups and other cuddly partners. There are so many wonderful animals in rescue centres that are overlooked in favour of breeders or other pet sources. These pets need to loving and stable households to care for them.

The incredible overpopulation of pets makes it especially important to support rescue organizations and adopt animals who need homes. Without dedicated action to re-home the animals in rescues, there is a distinct possibility that those innocent animals will be euthanized. 

With all the great organizations out there working on behalf of animal rights and safety, it is absolutely shameful to see how many cats, dogs, bunnies, etc. continue to live in busy, crowded rescue centres. Consider using Pet Finder to help locate your next pet in a more ethical way.