As you can imagine, op-ed columns flow into the editor’s inbox at a rate roughly equivalent to the speed with which the Idle No More movement spread worldwide. Fast.

Ideas and opinions drive our daily choices: What products should we avoid? What petitions will we sign? What movements do we support?

We all make decisions on how to act and react based on the information that we read, hear and share. The editorial submissions we receive at make it clear that people across Canada and the globe are thinking deeply about the issues that affect all of us. They carefully consider how they can best participate in movements for progressive change and social justice.

In our opinion, this is a great thing. Every day we receive exceptional social critiques and written submissions on politics, international affairs, environmentalism, feminism, anti-oppression and more. has always provided a space for discussions on our babble forum, but we wanted to create a spot dedicated to sharing the opinion pieces we receive. We’re calling it The Views Expressed.

The Views Expressed blog will present a variety of opinion pieces over the coming months from critics, writers, thinkers and activists across Canada. If you’ve got a few opinions you’d like to share with our editors or an editorial you’ve got to get off your chest and into the annals of, you can send it to [email protected]. We promise to read them all and our editorial team will use this space to post some of our favourites. 


Meagan Perry

Meagan Perry began her work in media at the age of 17, broadcasting at her high school’s lunchhour intercom radio station. She then moved on to a decade in community radio, working as news director...