Who knew? I found out on rabble.ca blogs that today (October 15) is Blog Action Day 09 which spurred me to post something on my “work” blog – GreenUnion. An abridged version follows in the hopes that I can publish on my rabble.ca blog before the midnight deadline. Smile I publish GreenUnion as part of my role in supporting my union’s environmental program (the Ontario Public Service Employees Union – OPSEU).

1) On October 14 and 15, I worked with OPSEU’s two education officers to deliver a train-the-trainer program for a climate change educational course which was developed last year with a number of other union partners. We had a great bunch of participants – members and staff – who will be able to deliver the course to local leaders and members in most parts of the province. The course covers the causes and impacts of climate change with a strong focus on climate justice and actions that can be taken in our union, workplaces, communities and personal lives to make a difference.

2) As part of my job, I’ve helped the union to roll out a province-wide webconferencing system. Today was the second day of OPSEU’s process to replenish our harassment and discrimination investigators and advisors. These are member volunteers who assist other members and the union with internal complaints. This year, OPSEU’s Equity Unit decided to try out webconferencing to reduce travel outside Toronto. Each day, applicants from a different region are being interviewed. The project includes 13 panelists (3 per day), about 25 applicants and help from the regional secretaries in 9 or 10 OPSEU offices.

Anyway, that’s at least part of what was happening on the climate change front at OPSEU on Blog Action Day 09.

Gary Shaul

Gary Shaul is a life-long Torontonian and retired Ontario civil servant. He's been involved with a number of issues over the past 45 years including trade unionism, proportional representation, Indigenous...