A first draft:

1. Send love to everyone who is feeling personally scared for themselves or their families and loved ones because of The Result. Open to immediate requests for care, support and solidarity.

2. Set aside fight-or-flight response in order to align deeply with the most effective use of our time on this planet, from an intention of compassionate action.

3. Vigorously and resolutely engage people who seek to blind themselves and others to the central contribution of neoliberalism to where we find ourselves. (And, when needed, consciously tap a bit of that fight-or-flight to boost the aforementioned vigour.)

4. Reflect in a sustained way on the processes that are unfolding, and open to all the things that escaped our understanding before today. Allow an expanded, more accurate picture of reality to form.

5. Bring renewed focus and clarity to finding a path of collective action that leads to powering down the U.S. military empire, and dissipating the sources of its tremendous (yes, tremendous) violence.

6. Working from an expanded, more accurate connection to reality, connect to a vision of the best possible world waiting to be born. Think and feel how that world comes into being, and take the first step.

7. Do all of the above with love, with friends, comrades, neighbours and colleagues.

Dru Oja Jay is a co-founder of the Media Co-op, an organizer, co-author of Paved with Good Intentions ( and Offsetting Resistance (

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Image: Twitter/@jordansdiamonds