When my daughter was young, she watched a CBC-TV show called Under the Umbrella Tree which featured Holly and her three puppet roomies, Gloria Gopher, Jacob Bluejay and Iggy Iguana.

Perhaps our own Iggy the Liberal leader watched too much of that show. Or maybe it’s just part of the attributes that attach to that name but the iguana Iggy was characterized as "thinking too highly of himself and unwillingly making mistakes."

Iggy the Liberal has certainly been thinking too highly of himself and too little of others.

His support for Harper’s budget bill is a slap in the face to Canadian women. Of course we shouldn’t be too surprised at this given the Liberal Party’s record with women. Wasn’t it Paul Martin as Finance Minister who began the federal attack on women’s organizations funded through Status of Women Canada? So, to see Iggy and his ilk support an attack on pay equity and infrastructure solutions that exclude women while still denying Canadian women a national childcare plan is really to be expected.

But Canadians have some kind of sick idea that the Liberals are better than the Cons. Not me. Liberal or Tory, it’s the same old story. Tommy Douglas was right about that in his story of Mouseland. Not that the NDP or any partisan organization will be the savior of Canada or Canadian women, for that matter. But at least the NDP get it when it comes to women’s issues. Mind you, it’s not quite to the extent that the Bloc Quebecois get it, but it’s good.

About Iggy the Liberal unwillingly making mistakes, well, I’m not sure. It’s looking to me like he’s willfully making mistakes at the expense of Canadian women and children.


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Bernadette Wagner

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