Early in his tenure, PM Steve revealed his hatred of women. He axed funding forStatus of Women Canada (SWC) and stripped the word equality from its mandate. Last winter, his treatment of Linda Keen and his framing of her competency during the manufactured crisis at Chalk River showed him to be more a dictator than a prime minister.

Re-electing him will kill Canadian women. Literally.

Can we trust any political party to address Canadian misogyny?

20 years of Liberal and Conservative governments failed to do so. Sure, Dion sounds good. But he failed to show for the Second Reading of Conservative Ken Epp’s,Kicking Abortion’s Ass Bill, the one right-wing fundamentalists love.

Sorry, Stephane.

Yes, we could probably trust Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Québecois. They all opposed C-484. They tend to get women’s issues.

But they’re no option outside of Quebec.

There’s Elizabeth May and the Green Party. But May is “against abortion.” She doesn’t think women should have “a frivolous right to choose.” And her party’s economic policies are more in line with those of the late John Diefenbaker’s Conservatives than with any progressive movement.

Scratch another one off the list.

Jack Layton seems to be good on the issues. Many fantastic feminists are running under the NDP banner. But the Saskatchewan experience with an NDP government was not very good for Saskatchewan’s women and children. Feminists were branded as feminazis by insiders in the party. Their issues were dismissed in favor of the debt. So, Saskatchewan women still earn 70 percent of what men earn. And, the rate ofchild poverty in Sask is the second highest in the country!

Uh, I dunno, Jack…

It’d be nice to have a real choice.

Some in Sask are promoting the ABC vote: Anything But Conservative.  It seems the only way to stop Harper.

We have to.

Otherwise, we are fucked.


Bernadette Wagner

Regina Bernadette Wagner is an award-winning writer, a community activist and a singer. Her work has been published in newspapers, magazines, chapbooks and anthologies, on radio, television,...