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In this edition of rabble radio, we chat with editor Sharon Fraser, Charlotte Scott takes us on a guerilla gardening tour, auntie comes to the rescue of the acoustically agonized, you’ll learn about robotic sheep sweepers, Swamperella kicks things up a notch with a Cajun tune and our queen of babble, Audra Williams, dishes on the discussion boards.

What’s a podcast?

Podcasts are short, web-based audio shows you can download as mp3 files.That’s the same format used for most music on the Internet. You can even subscribe to podcasts like rabble radio (learn how below). Once you download a podcast, you can listen to it on your desktop computer or laptop, or transfer it to your iPod or other mp3 music player and take it on the road with you.

Right now there are about 8,000 podcasts available. Most are produced by ordinary folks with just a computer, a microphone and opinions or ideas they want to share. We think podcasts are the most democratic medium to come along since, well, the Internet itself. That’s why we’ve created rabble radio.

The rabble radio podcast will not only feature some of the folks behind, but will also introduce you to fresh Canadian voices, places and music. Like, we want rabble radio to become the information and entertainment destination of choice for Canada’s progressive left.

We hope to launch rabble radio as a regular feature starting in August. But we need your help and feedback. Please download and listen to this pilot of rabble radio, then join in on the babble discussion about the podcast.

To listen, just click on the download button above and open the downloaded file in your favourite music player (some computers may start the show automatically, make sure your speakers or headphones are plugged in and turned on).

This podcast has been developed and produced by volunteers. If you’d like to help us create rabble radio, please drop a line to Lisa.

Got a Canadian band you’d like to have featured on future editions of rabble radio? Cool. Contact Charlotte.

We’re looking for four-minute soundseeing tours from across Canada. If you want to share one please drop a line to Alex.

Got a short audio comment (mp3 format) about rabble radio? Send it along to Wayne.

The radio rabble team is: Charlotte Scott, Lisa Rundle, Alex Olsen and Wayne MacPhail. Special thanks to: Judy Rebick, Audra Williams, Sharon Fraser and Jane Will.

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