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> by rabble staff

Its tragi-comedy, Canadian-style.

In Ontario, theyve been watching Ernie and Dalton scrap over whos next up to bat. So Daltons Liberals won the toss this time. But whats this? Its the same Bay Street coaches barking orders from the dugout. And its the same media crowd lapping it up.

Now that same crowd fawns over Paul Martins coronation as PM. Heres a guy who blusters about ending Ottawas democratic deficit. Yes, even as he rides a wave of nearly $10-million in donations from corporate high-rollers  working the loopholes to beat a $4-million campaign spending limit.

Yes, Paul, we are reeling under a massive democratic deficit in this country.

Tired of umpteen variations on the same neo-liberal theme, masquerading as choices? Human development, equality, fair trade, the environment  the real issues arent getting the analysis they need. And the mass media plays an awful role in perpetuating this. You deserve so much more than colour commentary on the status quo.

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